Author, mental health and women’s self esteem advocate, Social Worker, HIV/AIDS counselor, model, PTA president, board member, mother and wife—Alina Patton is living proof that women can have well-rounded and fulfilling lives in a world that tells them they need to live according to a set script for success. Her secret is practical living, focused on making the best of the present while believing in the future and conquering her insecurities in a visible way. She hopes to inspire other women along the way. Alina’s story began in Northeast Washington, DC, where she spent her childhood studying modern dance and ballet. Excelling in school, Alina went on to obtain a degree in Sociology from the University of the District of Columbia. That led to a job with the US Department of Justice. After leaving the DOJ she went to DC Care Consortium an HIV/AIDS organization at a time when the work "AIDS" had a negative connotation; she put her energies into counseling and advocacy.

While at DC Care, her friends and peers were continually telling Alina they thought she had the looks and skills to be a professional model. After hearing that enough times to, Alina took a quantum leap and moved to New York. She went to an open-call casting for several agencies including Ford and Wilhelmina and was eventually asked to join Wilhelmina.

Alina went on to model for several designers including AEFFE (the home of labels such as, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alberta Ferretti, Moschino and Philosophy). Wilhelmina eventually sent her to Paris to broaden her modeling experience and groom her for runway and to become a super model. Upon her return to the US, Alina appeared in campaigns for African Pride and Clairol.

But her yearning for academic accreditation was not complete, so in 2008 Alina returned to school and garnered her Masters in Social Work from Fordham University. Soon after earning her degree, she began working in the women’s health division of New York City’s Beth Israel Hospital.

Along the way, Alina also got married. After she and her husband welcomed their first child, motherhood taught Alina the incredible importance of self-esteem in a child’s life—especially when that child is a girl. Her experiences as a mom and model led her to co-authoring the book, Mommy, Am I Pretty? Written with the goal of helping mom’s to teach their children to accept and love themselves, this has become her life’s mission.

In 2018 she continued to work as a crisis counselor for a National Suicide Prevention Organization. While she remains an active social worker with the focus on building a private practice, she also works as a consultant handling artist development for Sony recording group Majix.

Is Alina an overachiever? no, because that tends to be something of a negative connotation applied to women. Instead, Alina believed she’s just doing what God has led her to do. She is every woman, always striving to become the best version of herself; and she hopes her success will convince other women they can do it too.


Mommy, Am I Pretty?

A story of teaching self love and positive thinking, this book shares the tale of a little girl who finds her own beauty and talents from within instead of comparing herself to others. AVAILABLE ON:



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